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Environment, Safety & Health

  ●XMC Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Policy

  XMC provides high-quality wafer foundry services. In our daily operations, we focus on product innovation and quality control while putting emphases on preventing environmental pollution, using energy/natural resources effectively, protecting our human resources and forestalling accident loss. The implementation of raising ESH standards among all employees is the vital part of every employee's well-being. We are striving to be environmentally responsible through continuous improvements. We aim to strengthen our operational risk management to ensure future growth of XMC.

  To achieve the goals above, XMC is committed to:

  1. Following ESH regulations and international protocols while fulfilling customer's requirements.

  2. Taking enhancing environmental quality and promoting employee safety and health as the primary responsibility for every XMC manager.

  3. Carrying out site ESH management through employee's teamwork.

  4. Establishing a green supply chain, implementing green manufacturing and providing customers green products.

  5. Strengthening accident prevention measures, emergency response capabilities and recovering abilities.

  ●ISO14001 Environment Management System: XMC attained ISO14001 certification in March 2009. ISO14001 is a voluntary international standard that establishes requirements for a world-class environmental management system. With this system in place, we can ensure its responsible use of energy and materials through improvements in recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention.

  ●OHSAS18001 Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series: XMC attained OHSAS18001 certification in March 2009. OHSAS18001 is a key component of a corporation's total health and safety management and is based on international safety and health standards.

  ●QC080000 Hazardous Substance Processing Management: XMC attained QC080000 certification in March 2010. QC080000 is an effective system that ensures products contain hazardous substance free to comply with customer's requirements and relevant laws and regulations .

  ●ISO14064 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement: XMC attained ISO14064 verification in November 2010. ISO14064 is the method to calculate greenhouse gas discharging quantity in order to pursue the goal of reducing greenhouse gas quantity.

  ●Cleaner Production Audit: XMC passed cleaner production audit in October 2010 to save energy and to reduce wastes.

  ●Emergency Response Center: 24 hours on duty, mainly focusing on monitoring, response, contacting and emergency response drill, training and equipment maintenance.