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XMC Technology

NOR Flash

XMC offers high performance NOR flash technologies from 90nm to 45nm. These offerings are supported by our strong manufacturing capability, high-yield solution, and cost-effective prototyping service.

XMC will continue to invest on specialty processes and broaden our offering. We will partner with other foundries and packaging houses to provide customers with seamless technology solutions.


· 65nm

√  Features

-          I/O 1.8V,32M~128M(With Redundancy), High speed random access

-          2 Poly & 3 Metal layer(2P3M)

-          Stack gate and SAS Structure

-          STI, triple well, Co-Salicide, Cu line backend


XMC is the number one flash foundry in China, offering an extensive line of ETOX NOR Flash technologies from 90nm to 65nm. These processes provide customers with cost-effective, high-performance, reliable products that offer low power consumption and high endurance. Currently, our 65nm ETOX is with customers based in Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea and North America. Our products can be found in mobile handsets, DTV, home appliances, video, PCs, telephones and notebooks.


·  45nm

√  Features:

-          Triple Gate OX thickness for different device threshold Vt requirement

-          Dual Poly ,5 Metel layers (4Cu and 1Al), Cu with low K dielectrics for BEOL interconnect.

-          Core device voltage:1.8V

-          I/O device options:3.3/5V

XMC has several 45nm products ramping to production. We specialize in customizing our 45nm technology to optimize customer product to provide them best breed differentiation.


  BSI platform

  Features: Wafer-wafer bonding process to realize BSI CMOS sensor, with options of buried color filters and deep trench isolation to enhance quality of devices.

  Top wafer min thickness (after thinning process): tunable

  Wafer Bonding: By dielectric film

  XMC has several products at mass production stage and is one of the leaders in BSI manufacturing process. XMC will continue to develop new bonding technology to ensure our leading position in this area.

  55nm Non-volatile flash memory

  Features: Self aligned split gate technology at 55nm

  XMC has several years of experiences in memory technique and is developing the most advanced 55nm embedded flash with licensed IP. The process is to be qualified in 2015Q2.

  55nm low power logic

  XMC's 55nm low power logic technology provides improved performance and reduced power consumption with increased design possibilities and cost efficiencies. XMC's 55 low power logic process offers three threshold voltage core devices and 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V I/O options.

  XMC's 55nm low power logic process is ready for customer design-in.