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Total Compensation


  Fixed Salary

  Salary will be paid according to position and individual performance, which is in proportion to personal contribution. Salary will be reviewed annually to ensure it is reasonable.


  Certain employees are provided with categorized allowances to reflect the unique character of the semiconductor industry and the demanding nature of certain positions.



  Leave System

  Besides legal annual leave, we have welfare annual leave. Moreover, we have marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, partially paid sick leave etc. to provide convenience to employees.

  Commercial Insurance

  We provide various commercial insurance covering emergency cases, hospitalization, severe disease, etc.

  Social Insurance and Housing Fund

  We strictly follow state regulations to provide employees social insurance and housing fund.

  Tuition Subsidy

  All employees' children can study at the cooperative school as well as tuition subsidy.

  Annual Health Check

  We provide annual health check for all employees and set up E-health system to track health status so as to ensure the quality of health service.

  Free Meals

  We provide diverse free catering to employees so as to satisfy different taste.

  Other Benefits

  We provide other benefits such as shuttle bus, dormitory, sports meeting, annual year party etc. to enrich employees leisure time.