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Employee Care

  We cares for every employees' health and we set up Health Center in XMC so that we could provide 24 hours' health consultancy service to employees.

  Health Center regularly organizes health activities such as diseases prevention, emergency case handling, etc., to improve employees' health awareness.

  We also organize annual health check and set up E-Health system so that employees could keep track of their health status.

  We not only care for employees' physical health but also psychological health. The psychological consultant will provide professional service and give suggestions to those employees who are in depress or need help.

  Besides psychological consultancy, we also organize caring activities to help employees relieve pressure.

  We provide various activities to enrich employees leisure time, such as New Year Party, Family Day, Sports Meeting, ball games, Carla Oak, etc.

  Various activities improve employees interpersonal relationship and strengthen their belongings.