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WXIC, GigaDevice Announce Long-Term Manufacturing Supply Agreement

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Fast growing NOR-specialist foundry to supply GigaDevice with 65-nm, 300MM production to support growth ofinnovativeNOR Flash product line

WUHAN, China – March 5,2013 - WXIC (Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing), a leading 12-inch semiconductormanufacturing company in China, today announced a long-term supply agreement with GigaDevice SemiconductorInc., a specialist in NOR Flash memory products. The agreement will provide GigaDevice with the critical capacity and quality assurances it requires as it expands its worldwide customer base.

The two companies will work together to optimize WXIC’s 65-nm, 300MM wafer production to meet the specific needs of GigaDevice’srange of high-speed, low-power NOR Flash products, including: serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash and parallel flash memories designed into embedded, consumer electronics and mobile communications devices.

“Having proven and reliable long-term manufacturing partners is critical to our fabless strategy that enables us to produce innovative, quality products with lower overhead than our competiters. We are pleased with the collaborative approach WXIC is taking, helping us transition to a more cost-effective and higher performing 65-nm technology node and 300MM manufacturing. We are confident they can provide the capacity and expertise we need to be successful as we grow our customer base,” saidYiming Zhu, Chairman, CEO and President of GigaDevice.

“GigaDevice has carved out a unique and differentiated position in a competitive market space, and has an impressive list of customers using their NOR flash products. They have unique advantages in terms of performance and area, and we are well-positioned to enable and evolve those innovations with them,” said Dr. Simon Yang, CEO of WXIC. “We see much opportunity in GigaDevice’s strategy and product offering in high growth areas such as smartphones and other mobile devices, and also in automotive and industrial markets where their innovative technology can be applied effectively.”

About WXIC

WXIC is a leader in NOR flash memory production and in 300 mm fabrication capabilities. The company offers comprehensive 300 mm foundry services built on proven technology expertise and a commitment to customer service excellence. It first began production in 2008 and is headquartered in Wuhan China. More information can be found at 

About GigaDevice

GigaDevice, the leading provider of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) semiconductor, isthefirst professional IC design company engaged in memory and related chip design in China established in 2005. GigaDevice dedicates itself to developing top-notch home-grown technologies and improving its manufacturing capability to offer its customers high quality products and services. More information can be found at

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