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Michael Chen: Seek Breakthrough in Memory and Closely Follow National Integrated Circuit (IC) Development Strategy

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On the morning of November 3, the press conference for the 13th China International Semiconductor Expo & Summit (IC China 2015) took place at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai, as a warm-up for the upcoming exhibition. Michael Chen, chief business officer of XMC and exhibitor representative, delivered a speech, offering advice on the development of China’s memory industry and demonstrating XMC’s great vision in this area. 



Michael first thought highly of the contributions IC China has made to the IC sector in China. He maintained that as a national-level display platform covering the entire semiconductor industry chain, IC China is a “grand annual event” in the industry, which helps enterprises to exhibit themselves, exchange ideas and learn more about the industry. He also expressed his appreciation for being invited by the organizer and relevant leaders to make the address. “The theme of this exhibition is ‘to implement the promotional outline and accelerate the industrial development’, so I wish to share ideas on national IC development with each of you and take this chance to demonstrate the strength of XMC.” 


 Michael remarked, IC industry in China is growing rapidly and it has become a major growth engine for global market expansion in recent years, which is basically due to the growing IC demands. In particular, the age of “Internet of Things” and “Big Data” has created tremendous demand for memory. However, there always exists core technology bottlenecks in China’s memory market. It is this incisive industry insight that leads to XMC’s overall plan in intellectual property, technological R&D and production in recent years and focus on memory. Michael commented, “XMC will closely follow the national IC development strategy, seek breakthrough in the large-scale industrialization of advanced memory IC, make the best of the overall advantage of the industry chain as a resource platform, build an innovation system in technology, management and talent and accelerate the industrialization of innovative products.”Aside from memory, XMC has also made breakthroughs in 3D IC and logic/SOC (system-on-chip) technology. “In the future, XMC will use existing and newly-developed technologies to develop a more advanced SOC system, 3D IC products and enter the market of Internet of Things. Meanwhile, XMC hopes to lead domestic design houses, packaging & testing companies, equipment and material manufacturers and drive joint development of semiconductor industry chain in China. ”  


 The event is scheduled to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center between November 11 and 13, which will be attended by more than 100 manufacturers. On the occasion, XMC intends to showcase ourselves and promote technical exchanges with other peer enterprises.

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